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Engage a Professional Land Surveyor to undertake a Full Topographical Survey of your property - we measure your Land and digitally draw your topographical plan and elevation on CAD or PDF for Architectural and Planning Permit purposes.

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Topographical Survey

Providing you a detailed measurement and key feature mapping of your property - essential for design and planning permits.

Our topographical mapping services provides you all the required features and levels for your property. Aided by GPS/GNSS, the latest robotic and Reflectorless Total Station Instruments, we can provide you precise information on a beautiful CAD drawings illustrating the features clearly for your design and planning team. With our software and tools, we can provide you various forms of data such as volumetric calculation, chainage lines, contours 3D point cloud and many more.

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Topographical Survey

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About Icelabz Solutions Ltd

Icelabz Solutions Ltd started in 2009 when, after spending 15 years with various UK survey companies, Youv Ramburn decided to set up a company dedicated to Domestic and Private clients.

Today Icelabz Solutions is one of the most respected independent survey companies operating in the United Kingdom.

Icelabz Solutions offers a wide range of professional measurement services including topographical surveys, building surveys, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D modelling and also setting out.

Our range of services covers numerous market sectors including, commercial, education, health, heritage, highways, rail, residential, retail, urban regeneration, and many more. With offices located in Harrow and Barking, we can provide a competitive service to London.

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