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Benefits of using Icelabz Solutions

Our mission is to bring you accessible, affordable, on-time, and highly effective Engineering Surveying services.

We believe that customers, like you, should also have the right to get the same services as a Tier 1 customer without incurring high costs.

Professional Surveyors

Engineers with years of experience at your service for your project.

Local Surveyors

With our wide coverage we can provide you with a local surveyor for your project.

Fast Engagement

With our unique systematic approach we have the best turn-around in the industry.

Wide Range of Services

We can provide you a wide range of services including: Topographical Survey, Measured Building survey As-Built Survey, Boundary Survey, Monitoring Survey, Engineering, Setting Out, CAD Services, Underground Utility Surveys, and Commercial Support for your project.

Dedicated Support

With our dedicated team we support you all the way through the process and keep you updated constantly.

Measured Building survey

Measured Building Survey

Do you require a highly accurate floor plan, elevation and section drawings of your property?

We provide you with precise, detailed and digital drawings for your design team, building surveyor, or planning officer to use. Providing them with a good foundation to work on will reduce frustration later in your project.
What more this is affordable and comparable to industry standards - so you get good value for money.

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Topographical Survey

Providing you a detailed measurement and key feature mapping of your property - essential for design and planning permits.

Our topographical mapping services provides you all the required features and levels for your property. Aided by GPS/GNSS, the latest robotic and Reflectorless Total Station Instruments, we can provide you precise information on a beautiful CAD drawings illustrating the features clearly for your design and planning team. With our software and tools, we can provide you various forms of data such as volumetric calculation, chainage lines, contours 3D point cloud and many more.

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Topographical Survey

Setting Out

Setting-Out Services

Precise position of building element - If you are looking for a site engineer to set-out your architect's design accurately for your team, builders, or workforce to do their job we are here to help.

We can provide you setting for:

  • Pile Foundation
  • Traditional Foundation
  • Building elements (walls, windows, columns, doors, etc...)
  • Highway & Road works
  • Underground Utilities
  • Building Facades
  • Rails works (Platforms, rails, sleepers)

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Structural Monitoring Survey

Providing you 24/7 structural monitoring for your property.

We can provide your project with 24-hour structural monitoring to identify movements and deformation using accurate engineering equipments. The data is recorded with time and precise co-ordinates (X, Y & Z) of the structure you wish to monitor. The monitoring can either be manned or fully robotic as illustrated here. Depending on your requirements, we can assess the best monitoring solution for you and your project. We can provide the following monitoring:

  • Ground Monitoring
  • Building Monitoring
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Crack Monitoring (using tell-tales)
  • Rail Monitoring
  • Wall Monitorin

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Structural Monitoring Survey

Engage us where only satisfaction is delivered

We strive for quality

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As-Built Survey

An accurante digital record of your construction works.

As a contractor, you are obligated to provide and hold copies of asbuilt information for your construction project. We are here to help you throughout your project. We provide as-built survey of your completed works, especially buried services (drainage, electrical, telecoms, etc…) to help prepare your hand over documents. We can provide one-off and long-term surveys.

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Measured building & Topographical Survey for Schools

Providing you a detail measurement and key feature mapping on your property essential for design and planning reports for your educational improvement projects.

Our enginers holds DBS checks (previously CBR) which complies with UK legislation, thus allowing us to easily start on site without delay for your survey needs. With several education projects under our belt, we understand your requirements and restrictions.

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private sectors

We Serve Private Sectors

For the past 15 years we have provided our services to property developers & domestic clients throughout London

Some of our clients only need a Engineer for a few days, we strive on providing short term requirements without tieing yourself up to long term contracts. In addition you get the save service as the Tier 1 companies.

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Other Services

See what else we can provide you:

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About Icelabz Solutions Ltd

Icelabz Solutions Ltd started in 2009 when, after spending 15 years with various UK survey companies, Youv Ramburn decided to set up a company dedicated to Domestic and Private clients.

Today Icelabz Solutions is one of the most respected independent survey companies operating in the United Kingdom.

Icelabz Solutions offers a wide range of professional measurement services including topographical surveys, building surveys, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D modelling and also setting out.

Our range of services covers numerous market sectors including, commercial, education, health, heritage, highways, rail, residential, retail, urban regeneration, and many more. With offices located in Harrow and Barking, we can provide a competitive service to London.

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